Xiaomi Patents Two New Smart Phones with Spiral Display

Xiaomi patented two new smartphones with spiral displays, followed by Mi Mix Alpha, which is surrounded by four screens. Unlike the Mi Mix Alpha, the devices only wrap the phones in one direction.

Xiaomi's recent patent application for two new smartphones, WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). LetsGoDigital created patent-pending smartphone renderings, revealing details of the design of the devices.

Both patented smartphones point to screen-side innovations. The first device, Xiaomi'nin wrapped around the screen Mi Mix Alpha looks like concept phone. The most important difference, however, is that the Mi Mix Alpha's display surrounds both sides of the phone. The device in the patent shows that the screen only wraps around one side. The new phone looks like the folded Huawei Mate X, as you can see below:

xiaomi two side screen phone

The second device has a screen that wraps the phone in a different direction. The display from the top the device is curled to the back of the device. On the back, there are two cameras placed in the screen hole. It is remarkable that there is no camera in front of both devices. Since the phones are almost entirely on-screen, the main camera selfie webcam is also used as.

xiaomi spiral screen phone


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According to the patent, both smartphones The side key is not included. However, this detail may be omitted because the drawings highlight the screens surrounding the phones. Details such as keys and ports can be added later. This type of smartphone looks a little more practical than Mi Mix Alpha's design for ease of production.

Seeing manufacturers change the future of smartphones with an innovative approach with the introduction of flexible glass and screens into our lives excitement transmitter. The days when these phones will become widespread around the world seem to be not far.

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