Xiaomi Published the Source Codes of Mi 8 SE and Mi 9 SE

Xiaomi continues to publish the source code of its products, showing its interest in its products to its developers. In 2019, the company announced that it was planning to publish the source code of all devices.

The Mi 8 SE that was announced months ago and the Mi 9 SE, which we reached a few weeks ago, are perfect for customers who want to experience flagship at an affordable price. Although both phones are currently only available in China, the Mi 9 SE is expected to be available for sale all over the world.


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Xiaomi, which shows its care to its developers, can make you happy if you are interested in the source code of your devices. The company is known for its developer support and is selling well in China where there are plenty of developers. A few weeks ago, Xiaomi announced that all devices would publish kernel source codes, and released the kernel source code of Mi 9 SE and Mi 8 SE.

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You can access the kernel source code that the technology giant broadcasts on GitHub through this connection. We believe that Xiaomi, which continues to keep its promise in 2019, will pay the same attention to other devices that will soon be on the market.