Xiaomi to Report Suspicious Applications to Users

Xiaomi is testing a new privacy feature. The new feature will notify the user if he sees suspicious behavior on apps on the device. Suspicious behaviors will include launching another application and running the application itself.

Security of smartphones It is of great importance for both users and manufacturers. The majority of smartphones around the world use the Google Android operating system. Google sends out a security update patch every month. But what if there was software on the phone itself that showed something wasn't working on the device?

Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi, the user interface created for Android 10 MIUI 11He explained that he tested a similar feature in. The feature will also be available for later Android versions if successful. New feature, apps on the device suspicious behaviours will warn the user if it exhibited.


If an application runs itself in the background, or an application runs another application even though the user does not click warning statement It will appear. Similar warnings will also apply to location tracking and other permissions, as users often mechanically say "yes" to these types of permission alerts.

Xiaomi states that MIUI 11 will issue an alert notification if:

  • Record sound in the background
  • Access to calendar events
  • Access to call history
  • Make a call
  • Take or save a photo
  • Access or save items to the clipboard
  • Access to links
  • Access to the location
  • Reading mobile phone messages
  • Access to sensor data
  • Access to activity information
  • Access to device information
  • Reading the phone number
  • Accessing or saving files in the background

Some users are notified of the number of notifications because there are too many titles uncomfortable can. Xiaomi will also make the items in the list above optional for the users, so the user will choose whatever title they want to receive. In addition to this, depending on the trust of the user in the application, the individual applications control to will also give the opportunity.



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Yet test in stage When the feature reaches a sufficient level, it is expected to be operational in Xiaomi models.

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