Yahoo Develops an Application for Google Copy

You know that Yahoo has been under turbulent processes for the past few years.

At the beginning of the year 2000, Yahoo Messenger, which is competitive enough to compete with ICQ and MSN Messenger, has shut down the shutters in the past days and even your old messages could not be reached.

About two years ago Yahoo was struggling with a hack scandal, and in the first place it was said that 500 million people were affected by this hack. Even though it took a few months to get there, Yahoo would not have received the lesson, which numbered 1 billion and then 3 billion.


            Yahoo's Privacy Violation Policy Continues Increasingly

Despite all these troubles, the company is still standing and still trusting itself. Yahoo has exclusive Android apps for all its services; Mail, Sports, Finance, News and Search … If you are using various products from the company and are not worried about hacking, Yahoo has a new application for you on the Play Store.

last minute news stories, sports updates from your chosen teams, stock quotes and more are very similar to Google's own implementation. It's unclear why Yahoo is offering similar features – and is already ready to download – if it does not update the search application and it comes out with a new application