Years in the Legendary Toyota Supra

Toyota gave the good news of the new model Supra.

Toyota Supra 2019 is back in the car world as a model that has made a difference for each generation with apayri designs. Let's take a look at the change over time starting with the 1978 Celica Supra, which has the highest speed of 115.

Generation 1

The giant "Toyota" writing and hard-wired 1st generation are not considered as a design style

2. Generation

What could be more beautiful than giant toyota writing? A giant SUPRA article!

3. Generation

The most iconic of the Toyota Supra generations, perhaps this 3rd generation Supra and its opening and closing headlights …

4. Generation

You can watch the change of the Toyota Supra in history and the new design of the 2019 model from the following video: