YouTube has not been silent after child abuse

YouTube has recently closed various complaints of complaints about children's videos and money-winning dual channels

The channel "FamilyOFive" opened on YouTube by parents named Mike and Heather Martin, is unusual with shared child abuse Due to the videos, many people were reacted and complained. As YouTube did not intervene and the channel continued to monetize, reactions were increasing, finally complaints worked and the channel was closed. Mike and Heather Martin were sentenced to five years in prison for the cancellation of the case, and two of five children lost custody due to the negligence of their children.

Not too soon after the channel they have just opened has reached a large number of subscribers and millions of viewing figures, YouTube will close the new channel and soon it will come to a close. the possible complaints and reactions that had passed. YouTube says it's taking this blockade order to block the content that would put children and parents in jeopardy and enforce rules while the family says they've been working hard to heal and reunite in the last 18 months.

Google's video platform YouTube, they are strictly enforcing all the rules because they are withdrawn from the reactions together with their final decisions and content policies. Although some of the videos of the two channels seem to be occasionally appearing as small pictures or explanations on different channels, a great majority of the content has been removed.

Already recently accused of throwing children at risk and indifferent to the facts, YouTube has been accused of violating the privacy practices and the methods used to collect data about users. was also under investigation. Even a group focused on the subject suggested that the US Federal Trade Commission propose to investigate Google and YouTube.


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We all know that recently, giants like Facebook, YouTube and Google have been subject to a variety of scandals due to privacy violations and some methods of collecting data that will not be accepted in society. Moreover, it is really surprising that these giants remain silent in a matter of child abuse and that they are waiting for a reaction in order to do something. What do you guys think about this? Do you think that these companies are a bit out of the ordinary in such cases?