YouTube Plans Radical Changes for the Dislike Button

YouTube is considering replacing the "Disguised" button to prevent spammers from damaging the channel and its content and to avoid misuse of the dislike event.

YouTube released the Rewind 2018 video to summarize 2018 "the most dislike area video "He will be resentful, after which he has begun to think differently for the dislike button.

Tom Leung, YouTube's project manager, talked about the erroneous results of dislike bombardment of a video in" Creator Insider, " . At this time, the team is considering introducing the option to enable and disable individual dış likes and dislikes m buttons to content creators. This is very important for the statistical evaluation of the content creators.


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Leung will also offer a list of options asking why you don't like it when you press the dislike button;

The YouTube team has not thought of removing the dislike button completely. But the team, who knew that it would attract many people and not a democratic solution, naturally gave up. In the coming days, the dislike button will be finalized.