YouTube Removes Over 100,000 Videos from the Platform

YouTube has begun to work more consistently in removing videos that violate community guidelines after high criticism. According to recent reports, YouTube has removed more than 100,000 videos from the platform for damaging hate speech policy.

YouTube has been highly criticized recently for failing to remove hate-containing videos from the platform that violate community guidelines. Apparently, YouTube realized that criticism was becoming more and more serious and began to work on it.

The company closed five times the videos and channels it removed in the first quarter of 2019 between April and June. In just 2-3 months, YouTube closed more than 100,000 videos and more than 17,000 channels for violating hate speech policy.


The company, in addition to the number of deletion of comments has increased significantly, he said. YouTube announced that more than 500 million comments were deleted because they violated the new hate speech policy. The company's automated system is able to report more than 87 percent of the content on the platform, which is loaded with more than 9 million videos.


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About 30,000 videos were removed from the platform last month after the company updated its hate speech policy. Realizing that it has been crushed under the criticism, YouTube's action is interesting, but the company has a lot to do.