Youtube Starts Removing Twitch Publications

The rivalry between Youtube and Twitch has begun to intensify, and Youtube has a very aggressive attitude.

Youtube is undoubtedly the world's number one platform for video content sharing. However, Twitch, which has recently become a major publicist in terms of publishing, has become a kind of rival for Youtube. This competition has obviously started to get hot because a Youtube user has blocked the sharing account for videos that contain Twitch publications.

The Twitch publications have very high viewing rates on Youtube, and many Youtube accounts are actually just publishing their own Twitch publications. Linus Tech Tips is one of the famous accounts that share Twitch publications, and allegedly the account was closed because of these broadcasts. This led to the idea that accounts that made similar publications would now be in danger. In the announcements made, Youtube notified that the account was not just Twitch publications, and account was reopened shortly.


            Twitch Continues to Distract YouTube Gaming at Watch Rates

However, many users still think that YouTube is such an attitude, which is a big problem for Twitch publishers. It is not known if these final sanctions will be a repeat, but if the situation is really Twitch publishing and people are interested in attracting a platform outside of Youtube thanks to these publications, it can be said that it will not be welcomed.