YouTuber Logan Paul Challenges Mike Tyson

Famous YouTuber Logan Paul stated in a podcast broadcast that he can beat the famous boxer Mike Tyson. Continuing his insistence against those who said “You can’t beat it”, Paul cited Tyson’s age as a disadvantage.

Famous YouTuber who has recently been interested in mixed martial arts like his YouTuber brother Logan Paul, challenged one of the most legendary boxers of all time. The last claim from the Paul brothers, who used to take the challenge, is the famous American boxer. Mike Tyson’a was aimed.

Speaking during a podcast he attended, Logan Paul said that when it comes to Mike Tyson, it’s no big deal. he said he can beat him. Continuing to insist against his relatives who did not agree with him, Paul continued his claims by mentioning Tyson’s age.

“Mike is not such a scary opponent”

logan paul

YouTuber is on display KSI’la The famous YouTuber Logan Paul, who started out and is still quite amateur, On June 6, he had a draw with Floyd Mayweather Jr.. It hasn’t been 2 weeks and Paul has already made a statement showing that he has high eyes. Claiming that he could beat heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson, YouTuber was met with reaction on social media.

When Logan Paul was talking on a podcast about his upcoming matches with his brother, it came to Mike Tyson. Insisting that Tyson is not such a feared opponent, Paul made the following statements:

“Someone mentioned Mike Tyson. Is it really funny? My lawyer also said he could cut my head off while talking about it and I didn’t stand a chance. And I said, ‘Brother, I’ve been through all of this. You can’t tell me I can’t beat Mike Tyson. He’s old, he’s old.’”


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According to some, Logan Paul went too far with these statements. Because the person he was talking about was Mike Tyson, who is widely regarded as the heavyweight’s premier. We don’t know if Tyson will respond to these explanations. But it looks like the Paul brothers’ challenges will continue.

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