YouTuber's Channel is Melting in the Super Cup

Chelsea – Liverpool match, entering the field with 4.5 million subscribers Turkish YouTuber’s YouTube channel, lost 43 thousand subscribers in just 4 hours.

In the Super Cup match that took place in Istanbul tonight and locked all the football lovers on the screen, the event of entering the pitch which is spoken much more than football itself continues to attract reaction. Crazy Is What is considered to be one of the biggest YouTubers in our country? I'm the owner of the channel Salam Ali Yilmaz, Super Cup has scored a case that drew Turkey's response in the match.

Liverpool and Chelsea Super Cup match played between the 14th minute entering the field Yilmaz, running into the castle had tried to enter. YouTuber, which was not shown on TV screens due to the harsh rules that UEFA had previously faced after the events he faced, was caught by the security forces and was taken out of the field.


4.5 Million Subscribed Turkish YouTuber Entered Chelsea – Liverpool Match

causing about 1 minute to stop a match watched by thousands of people who say that the world and Turkey look bad Ali Abdul Salam from Twitter and other social media reacted to Yilmaz.